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This page has audio or multi-media demonstrations of technology used by our students. We also hope to include samples of teachers working in the classroom. Please check from time to time to see whether more demonstrations have been added.

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GOODFEEL, LIME, and Related Products from Dancing Dots

LIME Aloud, Demonstrated by Bill McCann (streaming narrow band width version)
Note: The high quality audio version is available for download from the Dancing Dots web site at
Right-click on the link that reads "MP3 audio presentation of Lime Aloud " and download that file.

Cakewalk Sonar and CakeTalking Demonstrations

Sonar in the Professional Studio, by Gordon Kent (streaming, narrow band width version) play time 41 minutes Note that you will not be able to hear stereo effects in this version. To download a high quality, stereo version, go to the Dancing Dots web site at Right-click on the link that reads, "MP3 audio presentation of CakeTalking for SONAR (47 Megabytes)" and download that file.

Sibelius and Sibelius Speaking

Sibelius Speaking Demonstration, by David Pinto (streaming, ,narrow band width version) Play time 40 Minutes
To download the high quality version from the Dancing Dots site, go to
and click on the link reading, "Complete Audio Demo (38 Megabytes)"

Additional Information on Cakewalk Sonar.

The following two items were produced in 2004, and The software has changed significantly since that time. However, most of the information may be of use, especially if we have referred you to these links in conversations we may have had with you.

Step Record in Sonar, by Dave Simpson

Preparing Music for Printing, by Dave Simpson

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