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We invite you to let us know who you are, your music needs, and suggestions for service. The Resource center thrives through communication. Most of what we know and pass on to others has come from people who have written or called to share their experiences. We welcome questions and are happy to keep you in mind for when we learn of a development in your area of interest. The key is to let us know you are out there.

This page provides a questionnaire, which you may use if you want to provide us with the essentials for our database or would like to give us background for a question you have. It goes without saying that if you would rather not bother with the survey, you may simply write or call.

Contact Information:

Skip contact information and prepare to take the survey.
National Resource Center for Blind Musicians
391 East Washington Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06608
phone 203 366-3300, extension 229

About the Survey

We have tried a number of web form methods, but have concluded that traditional e-mail is the most reliable, and the one withh which people are most comfortable. We provide a template with the questions, which you can paste into an e-mail message, and then go back and fill in the answers.

To get set up for filling out the survey, start an e-mail message to Use a subject we are likely to recognize, such as "Resource Center survey." Paste the form which follows into the body of your message, and then fill in the answers. For items that have a statement you might wish to check, place the letter x between the angle brackets before the statement. You may leave any questions blank that do not apply. Since this is e-mail, you may place comments wherever you like.

Form With Questions to copy and then paste into the e-mail (you can select to the bottom of the page, if you want)


Street Address:

City, State, Zip/Postal Code



Website URL:

My musical instrument is:

Grade of elementary or high school

< > I am in college taking music courses, or will be starting this fall.

Name of college:

< > I am a visually impaired adult with musical interests.

< > I am a professional blind musician.

< > I am a parent of a visually impaired student.

< > I am a teacher of a visually impaired student.

< > I read contracted English braille.

< > I read braille music.

< > I would like to learn or improve my use of braille music.

< > I would like to learn how to use accessible music technology.

< > I read large print or use a low vision reading aid.

Do you have access to a computer?

Are you comfortable accessing the Internet?

If a course on braille music or music technology were available online would you take it?

Would you pay for such courses?

< > Please contact me to discuss options available for taking a course through correspondence, phone, or online.

< > Please contact me about any programs you may have or know of for college music preparation.

I am a student younger than college age, and am interested in knowing about workshops and other opportunities.

< > Please include me to receive announcements from the National Resource Center for Blind Musicians.

< > Please inform me of activities that take place in my geographic area.

< >I would be interested in attending a workshop on music teaching strategies if it is offered in my geographic area.

Please comment on any music-related or music-teaching issues of concern to you, and something about your background.

E-mail the filled-in form to:

Thank you.

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