Section 2, Let Us Know Your Immediate Music Education Needs or Interest In Future Programs (E-mail Form).

With a residential program not on the horizon for at least another year, we provide this as one way you can reach us if you need immediate help with braille music and related skills for your music education. You can also use this form to let us know your interest in attending a future summer program, or to ask questions or comment on other aspects of music education pertinent to our work as a resource center for musicians who are blind or visually impaired. Much of our work involves putting people in contact with teachers or others providing particular services. The more information you provide, the more likely it is we can find a resource that can help, or have you in mind when we hear of something new in your particular area of interest.

To use this form, we recommend that you select and copy from the beginning of the form to the end of the page, and then paste the empty form into the body of an e-mail message. You can then fill in the answers using your e-mail program. Feel free to add additional lines to make room for longer answers. Please make the subject something we will be able to spot quickly, such as "Summer Institute interest. Note that you will not be able to fill in the answers directly on the web page, but must have inserted the questions into your e-mail program first.

It goes without saying that e-mail correspondence or phone calls are welcome, especially if we can be of assistance before we have a program.

Our full contact information is below, followed by the questions to paste into your e-mail.

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Contact Information:

National Resource Center for Blind Musicians
391 East Washington Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06608
phone 203 366-3300, extension 229,

Form to copy and then paste into the e-mail:

(For questions requiring a check mark, please put an x between the brackets provided.)

Basic Information:


Street Address:

City, State, Zip



Grade of school or year of college entering in the fall:

School or college's name:

If you are not a student, briefly explain what brings you to complete this form.

Musical instrument (can include voice):

How did you hear about our work or the Summer Institute?

Please describe your music goals or interests:

Interest In the Summer Institute

< > Please keep me informed about future programs. (To be sure we know who might be applying, We ask that the student request the application package when a program is announced.)

What will you be doing in music that would make your coming to a future program on braille music and theory helpful?

< > I have questions and would like to talk with you about the suitability of a program for me or my child/student.

We Welcome Your Ideas

Having read the course description, what other subject areas or activities do you feel are important in a program for college-bound music students?

What kinds of music programs do you think are needed for blind and visually impaired people, and for what ages?


Use this space to ask about resources not related to the summer program.

Additional comments:

End of Form.

E-mail the filled-in form to:

Thank you.

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