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"The work of the Resource Center and Neighborhood Studios is of the utmost importance for the upward trend in academic and music literacy among blind students and musicians."
-- Richard Taesch, Southern California Conservatory of Music, Braille Music Division.

Pictures of children and young people jamming on instruments, working with clay, hip hop dancing and baking and eating cookies.  Caption reads

An Arts Fun Day at our headquarters in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The National Resource Center for Blind Musicians provides information and referral services on matters regarding Braille music, technology, and strategies that enable visually impaired people to study music in school or for recreation. It can direct inquirers to someone in its database of musicians and teachers in the field and can provide consultation and training in the special skills needed for advanced music study, such as for college.

The National Resource Center is a division of Neighborhood Studios of Fairfield County, a school of the arts serving children and adults with special needs in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The Resource Center reaches beyond the state to share its experience and hard-to-find information regarding blindness and music education with students, professional musicians, parents and teachers.

How the National Resource Center Can Help

Contact Information

National Resource Center for Blind Musicians,
Neighborhood Studios of Fairfield County, Inc.
391 East Washington Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06608
Phone (203) 366-3300
Fax 203-368-2847
Web Address:

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